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Now Open: Character Transfer to WarGate

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Greetings WarGate Community!

We want our community to know that we've been closely watching over our playerbase and have deliberated on how to further support your propsperity. We know many players within the TBC community are concerned with the fluctuating populations, and we'd like to help strengthen and unify our community by doing something to help which I am excited to now share with you:


WarGate will now accept Single Character Transfers from other TBC servers! The gates of war are open....Join Today!


Transfer Details
- New Players are invited to WarGate via Single-Character or Guild-Transfer, all requests are subject to review for approval

- Only requests from other TBC servers will be considered, instant 70 servers are excluded.

- Transfer requests will not be accepted from existing WarGate players who already have a level 70 character.
- Alliance characters transfers will receive personal inventory (if screenshot provided with items list)

- All Alliance characters will receive added bonus: each player 4x Netherweave Bag (if no bags), & fully unlocked personal bank storage spaces.

- Horde players/guilds have the option to Transfer over as Alliance and will receive the same Alliance bonus benefits

- Transferred players will be converted with current level, worn equipment, reputation, inventory if alliance and list/screenshot provided, and professions as viewable from armory or provided screenshots

- Riding skill and mount transferred based on provided screenshot

- Transferred players reputation is limited to Thrallmar/Honor Hold, Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tar, & Lower CIty.

- No items from bosses that have yet to be looted or killed yet on WarGate will be transferred over

- No Arena Points, Arena Gear, Arena Teams/Ratings, Honor points, or HK's will be will be transferred over during the transfer process.
- No Badges of Justice will be transferred

- Items that are available exclusively through the WarGate Vote Points/Premium Points system are not transferable.
- Transfer Process will close officially on Sunday June 25th 2017, all  transfer requests must be submitted prior to this day.


~ Disclaimer ~

We reserve the right to:

- Modify existing or add new rules at our discretion

- Refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time

- Limit the amount of gold transferable.

Transfer Process Instructions

1. Interested Players must have each create their own NEW WarGate account and only 1 character with their desired character appearance/nickname. Each player is required to create their own account.


2. Each player is required to submit Proofs of their Character, its worn equipment, applicable reputation levels, profession levels, providing a URL to your screenshots uploaded online like this example:


3. If transferring to Alliance faction, to have your Personal Bank/Guild bank transferred you are required to submit Proof of its contents by providing a screenshot of your open inventory bags in addition to a written list of all contents:
4. Provide us the required information by email to [email protected] or contacting GM Tirith or Rhaego on Discord


5. Once your request has been received, reviewed and begun to be fulfilled, we will inform you the transfer process has begun. Please then further await confirmation from GMT that your Guild Transfer has been completed. Players should NOT log in to their created accounts until email confirmation is that the transfer has been completed.


- I'm in a guild that raids Kara/SSC/TK,  Will I get my attunements transferred over?

YES - all of your attunements/titles will be transferred over if you can provide screenshots showing items The Master's Key, The Tempest Key.

- My character on HellFire isn't level 70, if I transfer will he get boosted to 70?

No, you will continue leveling and will transferred over to the same level as your original character.

- I play on WarGate already, can I participate in this transfer event?

No, transfer requests from existing WarGate players who have a level 70 will not be accepted.


- Will my character's learned profession recipes/designs/plans be transferred over?

No, only your professions skill level will be transferred over.


- Will my character's learned abilities be transferred over?
No, you will be required to see a trainer to learn your all your skills.

- I have multiple characters i'd like to transfer over, is this possible?

No, only 1 character transfer request per person will be considered.


-Will I have all quests completed that unlock my class's special abilities (ie warrior stances, druid forms etc) ?

No, you will have to do those quests to attain those class specific abilities and visit a trainer to train.

- How long will the transfer process take?

The transfer process is being done manually by GMT and requests will be processed in the order they are received. The time it will take to finish your request depends on the order it was received in addition to the number of requests received prior to yours.

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