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[Revision 10058]: Absorb mechanic
Damage done to player under damage protection (eg. power word: shield) should now properly break crowd control effects.


[Revision 10059]: Various minor fixes
".account xp" command redesigned because some people misused it.
SL first boss encounter in progress fixed.
Arcatraz combat bug before last boss fixed.


[Revision 10060]: Various minor fixes
OHF encounter in progress on all three bosses fixed.
Magtheridon adds fixed.
Combopoints will be now removed when entering the arena.
Zangarmarsh world pvp should no longer remove flag when moving. Still general logic will require some more testing.
Draenei racial displayed on ppl in party.
Arcatraz combat bug.
Some security/monitoring issues.


[Revision 10061]: Karazachan series
Terestrian-Kilrek logic rewriten.
Maiden of Virtue Holy Wrath damage.
Moroes adds friendly spell targeting rewritten.
Netherspite delay attack when entering portal phase.
Opera - Roar no longer immune to fear.
Opera - Dorothee immunities and AI.
Opera - Tinhead keep rusting.
Nightbane skeletons summoning one by one.
Aran elementals HP set to pre-nerf state. BUA HUA HUA HUA
Aran dragonsbreath now properly delayed on flame wreath and cooldown reset on wipe.
Aran should now rarely use melee, implemented selecting primary spell based on prevented magic schools.
Aran should no longer leave players in combat after dying.
Immunities for few mobs.
Spectral Performer missing Curtain Call on death.
Spectral Sentry missing auto shot.
Spectral Stable Hand AI rewritten.
Phantom Valet AI rewritten.
Wanton Hostess AI rewritten.
Concubine AI rewritten.
Night Mistress AI rewritten.


[Revision 10062]: Buildfix


[Revision 10063]: Various minor fixes
Protector Dorana path added.
Moon Priestess Amara adds folowing.
S1 necklaces added to vendors (22950 honor and 10 EOTS marks).
Jewelcrafting necklaces exploit fixed (can cause some problems).
SH auch exploit fixed.
Test for karazhan mob pulling through walls.
Possible fix for shattered halls assasins pulling during boss fight.


[Revision 10064]: Spectrecles
Unification of spectrecless quest mechanisms, should cause less problems to players.


[Revision 10065]: Various fixes
Morogrim tidewalker murloc location adjusted.
Gruul pull radius decreased.
Fixed warriors skiping autoatack when heroic strike active and no rage.
Mana spring totems will no longer generate threat.
Multiple changes in botanica trash location/patrols/linking.
Mana tombs patrol added, some groups linking.
Few changes in object respawn time to prevent abusing.

[Depleted *] items removed from loot tables (should not be available before 2.1)

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[Revision 10066]: Various fixes
Heroic strike strikes back.
Unified diminishing returns for incapacitate effects.
Enviromental fires remove stealth only on dmg now. (combat pulse still not working)
Botanica and Mana tombs some changes to trash.


[Revision 10067]: Various fixes
Some tests for blinking problems.
Frost trap no longer pulls through walls.
Few changes in karazhan trash AI (lower floor).
Terokkarantula moved to her spot.

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[Revision 10068]: Blinking
Big modifications in blink mechanics, will fix some problems but cause other.


[Revision 10069]: Blinking part 2
More modifications to blink.
Zangarmarsh outdoor pvp test.
Some minor stuff in Karazhan.


[Revision 10070]: Blinking part 3
More blinking stuff, seems much better now.
Disable sumoning in battlegrounds.
Prayer of spirit working with retalent.
Karazhan encounter in progress on failed chess fixed.

World boss no longer respawn after restart.

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[Revision 10071]: Various fixes
Karazhan chess restarting on fail.
Doomwalker enrage fixed.
Problem with corpse reclaim delay fixed.


[Revision 10072]: Various fixes
Some changes to Thrall in OHF.
Non-negative spells like smoke flares wont cause combat.
Tryfix for druid talent reseting.
Western plaguelands cauldron boses spawn mechanic remade.
Base support for Volcor escort quests.
Fix for few class quest npcs not reappearing.
Test for Halaa.
Missing pvp items in vendors (polearm and caster offhand).
Dealer Senzik no longer sells infinite amount of cheap gems.
Changes in loot tables for Epoch Hunter, Murmur, Aeonus and Harbringer Skyriss.
Blade of wizardry procrate.
Some minor database changes i dont even remember.

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[Revision 10073]: Enslave hotfix
Fixed bug that enslave was not removed when player died, so warlocks still controled demons as long as the buff was up.


[Revision 10074]: Various fixes
Some more modifications for Haala guards.
Autoattack should now restart after stun fades.
Some changes to quest "Imprisoned in citadel".
Alar abuse fixed.
Sargeron Archer script added.
Few mobs spell timers adjusted.

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[Revision 10075]: Various fixes

Boss records should now ignore not-guild kills (eg. gamemaster activity).
Some minor changes to trap-alike object range (fire gameobject radius).
SH-HP script logic improvements.
Fixed few demons behaviour with "doomsaw" spell mechanic.


[Revision 10076]: Crashfix (my fault in previous changeset).


[Revision 10077]: Leotherass the Blind
Chaos blast is no longer reflectable.
Properly ignore aggro in whirlwind.


[Revision 10078]: Grandmaster Vorpil

Fixed visual bug with corpse in wrong place.


[Revision 10079]: Typo


[Revision 10080]: Firts 2.1 stuff release
Re-enabled daily quest events.
Few percent adjustments to Leotherass, Hydross, Solarian and Al'ar.
Vashj persuassion mechanic should be fixed now.

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[Revision 10081]: Correct Vashj targeting
Buff was working correctly, but amount of players still wrong.


[Revision 10082]: Creature despawn timer
Corpses will now despawn properly even if noone is around, will fix problem with Elites not respawning for days.
Removed MGT from daily dungeon/heroic.


[Revision 10083]: Base for pvp arena events


[Revision 10084]: Various Fixes
Improve arena event mechanic.
Quest givers should no longer offer you automaticaly next quest in chain if you are not allowed to take it.
Some improvements in Hellfire Ramparts logic.
Kael'thas advisors should visually return to their positions.
Kael'thas loot table fixed.
Leotheras the blind loot table fixed.
Mount Hyjal is now open.

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[Database update 20th July] 2.1 content

Ogri'la, Sha'tari Skyguard, Netherwing Ledge dailies available.

SSC/TK patterns and trash epics added.

Multiple craft patterns in vendors, drop and trainers added.

Cauldron of ... protection can be now discovered.

Badge of Justice headpieces added.

Anzu boss added.


BT won't be released until more guilds progres through both t5 and MH.

PVP season end will be announced.

If there is any more missing 2.1 content please remind me.


List of new patterns

| name                                     |
| Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Striking |
| Design: Mystic Dawnstone                 |
| Pattern: Belt of Blasting                |
| Pattern: Belt of the Long Road           |
| Pattern: Boots of Blasting               |
| Pattern: Boots of the Long Road          |
| Pattern: Belt of Natural Power           |
| Pattern: Belt of Deep Shadow             |
| Pattern: Belt of the Black Eagle         |
| Pattern: Monsoon Belt                    |
| Pattern: Boots of Natural Grace          |
| Pattern: Boots of Utter Darkness         |
| Pattern: Boots of the Crimson Hawk       |
| Pattern: Hurricane Boots                 |
| Plans: Belt of the Guardian              |
| Plans: Red Belt of Battle                |
| Plans: Boots of the Protector            |
| Plans: Red Havoc Boots                   |
| Design: Great Dawnstone                  |
| Design: Balanced Nightseye               |
| Design: Infused Nightseye                |
| Design: Veiled Noble Topaz               |
| Design: Wicked Noble Topaz               |
| Recipe: Earthen Elixir                   |
| Recipe: Elixir of Ironskin               |
| Design: Thundering Skyfire Diamond       |
| Design: Relentless Earthstorm Diamond    |
| Design: Kailee's Rose                    |
| Design: Crimson Sun                      |
| Design: Falling Star                     |
| Design: Blood of Amber                   |
| Design: Facet of Eternity                |
| Design: Don Julio's Heart                |
| Design: Relentless Earthstorm Diamond    |

List of new trainer spells

| name                      |
| Elixir of Major Fortitude |
| Elixir of Draenic Wisdom  |
| Furious Gizmatic Goggles  |
| Necklace of the Deep      |
| Justicebringer 2000 Specs |
| Tankatronic Goggles       |
| Surestrike Goggles v2.0   |
| Gadgetstorm Goggles       |
| Living Replicator Specs   |
| Deathblow X11 Goggles     |
| Wonderheal XT40 Shades    |
| Magnified Moon Specs      |
| Destruction Holo-gogs     |
| Powerheal 4000 Lens       |
| Brilliant Pearl Band      |
| The Black Pearl           |
| Crown of the Sea Witch    |
| Purified Jaggal Pearl     |
| Purified Shadow Pearl     |


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[Revision 10086]: Various fixes
Ogri'la simon game fixed.
Morogrim Tidewalker fix tidal wave targetting.
Ramparts encounter in progress.


[Revision 10087]: Hyjal trash adjustements


[Revision 10088]: More Ogri'la stuff
Some bem-only consumables fixed.
summoning the demons fixed.
Magtheridon cooldowns adjusted.


[Revision 10089]: AI package
Fix for some spellcasters runing around while trying to cast a spell, interrupting themselves.
Some starting stuff for shartuul (wont work yet, don't rush).
Alar debuging.
Ethereum Jailor AI.
Shattered Halls debuging.


[Revision 10090]: Various fixes
Small steps toward shartuul.
Fix rthereum jailor.
Smallest creatures should work well now in party.


[Revision 10091]: More shartuul stuff
Fixed freezing trap pulling stuff from everywhere around.
Big changes in shadowmoon npcs by Mullich.

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[Revision 10092]: Planned nerf of 25 man bosses.


[Revision 10093]: Typo.


[Revision 10094]: Build fix.


[Revision 10095]: Technical changes in gm commands.
Fix quest special delivery (teleport from stormspire to shattrath).


[Revision 10096]: Typo.


[Revision 10097]: Typo.


[Revision 10098]: Fix lags.


[Revision 10099]: Various minor
Fix stormchops pulling through LoS.
Fix ilidan phase 2 enrage.
Fix some small pets and their special abilities.


[Revision 10100]: Various fixes
Fix warrior enrage talent (charges should now expire properly).
Fix quest taken in the night.
Shadow sight on arena should now appear in proper time (90 sec).
Some minor database changes.

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