1. Those rules are created to help GMT members decide the punishment. That means that penalties are not always predetermined in advance.
2. When registering on WarGate, player accepts the Server Rules & ToS with any following changes.
3. Players will be informed about any potential changes of the Server Rules on our forum or website.
4. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for disobeying.


1. WarGate is an private project.
2. Playing on the server is free of charge.
3. Registering on the website means that you agree to receive mails from administration.
4. Official server language is English, using other languages on server-wide public channels (/world, /LookingForGroup, /Trade) is forbidden, also all communication with GMT staff should be done in English. (TICKETS FAQ)
5. Managing this project is a hobby of the members of the administration. Please respect their work.
6. The server’s realm is PvP (open fight with players from opposite faction).
7. Every player has to create forum account. Reading important announcements is necessary.
8. Players are obliged to report any rules violation on the forum in the proper section. (HERE)
9. Players are obliged to report every bugs that they know about on the BT. (HERE)
10. Player is responsible for his account and for the actions taken on this account.
11. Account protection is a responsibility of its owner.
12. A player interferes with the game files on his own responsibility.
13. A player uses any software influencing the game on his own responsibility.
14. Multiboxing and playing in both factions is allowed.
15. Using the software that supports or automates multiboxing is forbidden.
16. Character transfer from another server is impossible.


The amount of punishment to be administered is guided by proportionality. Thus, the level of punishment is determined by the seriousness of the violation. Each case is considered separately. Those are expected punishments.

- Warning or reprimand.
- Mute - temporary writing blockade.
- Ban - temporary account blockade (and accounts involved).
- Perm Ban - permanent account blockade (and accounts involved).
- Perm Ban IP - permanent account blockade (and accounts involved), and also depriving one of registration option on forum and server, by IP blockade.

[ Mute ]
- Actions not related to the specialization of the channel. [1]
- Actions which obstruct normal use of public channels (eg. spam).
- Using other languages than English on /world, /LookingForGroup, /Trade. (please do not report such situations, we are always monitoring those channels)

[ Temporary ban ]
- Using offensive, unpalatable or insulting in any way names of characters, pets etc. 
- Abusing the 'owner' function on the public channels.
- Stealing money from players by using in-game c.o.d. mailbox function. 
- Powerleveling (or helping with it) on mobs which summon adds.
- Using multiaccount for farming honor or farming it with your other faction friends' help. Additional penalty: honor, honorable kills, honor equipment removal.
- Any form of wintrading or setting up arena results. Additional penalty: pvp items, arena points, arena team removal.
- Stating to know someone from the WarGate administration.
- Stealing other guilds ID.
- Any abuse of the emulator’s errors and bugs (Players reporting the bug will not be punished, but all the gains they have obtained by the bug abuse might be taken from them).

[ Permanent ban ]
- Using cheats, hacks, bots etc.
- Attempts to buy or sell gold, characters, items, accounts, Donate Points, Vote Points, donate gifts etc. for real money.
- Trading characters and accounts for gold, items etc.
- Stealing/cheating on players while trading in-game/Guild Bank thefts.
- Impersonating or insulting Administration members.
- Distribution of sensitive data (i.e. personal data, logins) on the realm or other server’s media.
- Advertising other servers, games or websites not related to WarGate.

[ Other ]
- AFK or fight avoiding on Battlegrounds will result in long term deserter. Players can report it in the ticket.
- Blocking slots in raid/party groups is not allowed. Raid Leader has full rights to the ID.

[1] Specialization of public channels:
/LookingForGroup - looking for PvE parties or PvP groups, which are ordinarily found in the LFG interface.
/World - all conversations, looking for guilds.
/Trade - items trading, looking for crafters, market.

Public channels:
/say (are excluded if an action took place in an instance).
/yell (are excluded if an action took place in an instance).
/party (including only a party from a BG).

In case of matters not mentioned above, the final decision is always made by WarGate Administration. Punishment shall be administered adequately to the size and type of the offence. If something is not mentioned in the regulations yet, it does not always mean that it is allowed - we appeal to you, to follow the common sense, culture and fairplay idea.