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  2. If you look at the top of the WarGate forum in the menu you will see in the menu "Bug Tracker" - click that. Direct url for the bugtracker is
  3. I wasn't sure and I looked around on the forums but where do I submit bugs?
  4. Has this been implemented yet? Would be great for the PvP community.
  5. PM me
  6. I played a week and now can't enter. Im pretty sure that my password is correctly. account name ***, check it please.
  7. Hello everyone! I have Ace of Beasts for sale on alliance side. I will sell it to person who is willing to pay the most, current price is 1,5k / Buyout price 3k Place your offers in that thread or whisper "Shader" in game
  8. Hi hunters! It seems like Frost trap is pulling mobs from floor above and under. Does it happen to you too? I used it in karazhan on main stairs for example and it pulled Beast from the vault. Am I the only one?
  9. Yesterday
  10. It would be cool if this mount gave 100% speed rather than 60%. Lets make it happen!
  11. Thank you again Deliril!!
  12. But when the project was still WarGate, it worked the other way round. The tree trunk affected LOS so you could play around it when duelling a caster. Hence I wonder why it changed... Just because it is blizzlike? Why to implement things that do not work well and people complain about.... WG was also supposed to be blizzlike and LOS worked in a different way then.
  13. ^ ^ ^ up please i really want to know..
  14. How could i play without any freeze on one specific realm and not the other if it's the client
  15. Actually it`s the wow client. I remember that like 8-9 years ago, i used to play with max terrain distance without any problem but only after i repaired wow after instalation. Today blizzard is not offer support for tbc client anymore and u can`t fix this problem.
  16. That's blizzlike. On tbc, hunter could strike ur ass behind tree trunk in wsg for exemple.
  17. Only dev can fix this. I was playing on a serv where dev have finnaly found how to prevent theses freezes (archimonde, alterac valley etc....). And i can tell u that maximize terrain distance change ur life <3 The problem is not from client but from server (optimization code). And awaiting a fix we all need to have sucking settings to prevent freeze.
  18. Thanks for replies! Random freezes stopped for when me when i minimized the terrain distance. Greetz
  19. Last week
  20. I farmed like 3 hours today for this recipe with no succes. I found the other recipes, but i saw on wow wiki that recipe for shoulders has been added on patch 2.2.0. As i know the server is not runing allready on 2.2.0. Can somebody tell if this recipe it`s available yet or no please? Did someone found it ? Or even gm could tell me if it`s? Thank you!
  21. Hey, i want to create a 5v5 arena team and play some games for streight 10 fights, so if anybody would like to have biggest profit from arenas just get a group of 5 and join queue tommorow 22 PM!
  22. Dear players, on 28. of April at 00:00 CEST starts an DOUBLE HONOR event. The event last till tuesday 00:00 CEST. We remind you that this is not a permament bonus. Have fun, WG Team
  23. Insanity are looking for more members to start kara as soon as possible. We will raid mondays and thursdays at 19.30-23.00 ST. What we need: Priest (holy) Warlock Rogue Mage Paladin (holy/prot) Druid (Feral tank) Hunter You should have some knowledge about your class and the encounters. We prefer that you are atleast 18 years old. /w Pysh ingame for more information
  24. Drops from Attumen (First boss in Kara) - Can ANYBODY on the server craft it? Preferably Alliance side.
  25. i went out for a while and came back. working again
  26. Do a factory reset on the router, push the button in on the side.
  27. Ok. Well tell me if you get it fixed and i'll do the same.
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