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  2. Momentum is currently looking for more dedicated raiders! Join one of the most progressed guilds on the server with excellent leadership! Raid time is Thursday & Sunday from 20:00 to 24:00 Server Time! PST Cardoor, Nanne, Mukkie, Omen, or Spoopi in game for more information!
  3. Hi all, I am looking for an NPC locator Add on and a Map Marker Addon, Everyone i have tried have been out of date so they dont work. Can anyone advise 1? Thanks
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  5. Very nice! Good job.
  6. Well done mate! This is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity
  7. Greetings WarGate Community! I made short video from WarGate , it is nothing special just some shoots . The worst thing is that i had to use my old laptop because i burned my gpu , atm gpu market is broken as hell... So I need to wait ;v Post your videos !
  8. Greetings WarGate Community! We are pleased to officially announce the grand opening of our New Online Store! Our online store provides many features players have been asking for including: - Character nickname change - Appearance / Sex change - Transfer Characters between accounts - Change Race - Restore Deleted Characters (within 6months of deletion) - Legendary/Epic mounts, bags, minipets, Experience Idols for faster leveling, and more! All services and items on the store can be purchased with Donate Points earned via donations. Our monthly costs are high, our team works pro-bono and we need our community's help to keep our operation costs low. We come at a time of urgency where we ask and hope that of all our community members will check out the new online store and help us by making a donation for Donate Points. Every bit helps us and 100% of your donations are go direclty to paying for server hosting. You can see the progress towards covering the server's monthly expense from from the Donate section in the Player Panel. Please check it out today and support WarGate! To access the store, login to the player panel at with your WarGate account and look for "Store" section. Thank you everyone for playing and continued support! Regards WarGate Team
  9. Greetings WarGate Community! We would like to announce the end date for our current open Character Transfer event: Sunday June 25th 2017 If you wish to have your character transferred to WarGate, please have your request submitted before this date! We have also amended the limitations of transfers so that requests from existing WarGate players who have a level 70 character will be denied, as this event is intended to bring more new players to our server. Transfer requests can are still being processed by @Tirith & @Rhaego or by emailing to [email protected] Please see full transfer process details before making your request: Thanks for playing and your continued support, Please help continue to spread the word and invite your friends to WarGate today! Regards, WarGate Team
  10. Server First Leotheras after fix and buff. Updated.
  11. Наш прогресс: - Karazhan (тремя рейдами) фулл / RU-1st - Gruul Lair 2/2: HKM / Server-2nd / Horde-1st / RU-1st GRUUL / Server-2nd / Horde-1st / RU-1st - Magtheridon Lair 1/1 Magtheridon / Server-3rd / Horde-2nd / RU-1st - Doomwalker 1/1 RU-1st - Serpentshrine Cavern 4/6 Lurker Below / Server-6th / Horde-5th / RU-1st Fathom-Lord Karathress / Server-2nd / Horde-2nd / RU-1st Morogrim Tidewalker / Server-4th / Horde-3rd / RU-1st Leotheras the Blind / Server-1st (after [email protected]) / Horde-1st / RU-1st - Tempest Keep 2/4 High Astromancer Solarian / Server-4th / Horde-4th / RU-1st Void Reaver / Server-3rd / Horde-3rd / RU-1st Fastest boss kills so far(5th June): Fathom-Lord Karathress - Try Hard, 6m 31s Fastest boss kills so far(14th June): Gruul the Gragonkiller - Try Hard, 5m 41s Для закрытия фулл T5 в кратчайшие сроки нам нужны: > 1 shadow priest > 1 holy priest > 2 restor shamy > 1 elem shamy > 1 ench shamy > 1 hunter > 1 warlock > 1 fury / arms > 1 retri-pal Обращаться по вопросам в игре /w Kacmopka; Klyk
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  13. quest items

    Make an in-game ticket and a GM will look into this further for you to help.
  14. quest items

    I don't know if it's a bug but, an example is this quest „” on the database website it says that a Great Goretusk has 37% chance to drop a Goretusk liver but in game, I've never seen a single Great Goretusk to drop one...
  15. quest items

    No. This is TBC. Please know that some quests do have 100% drop rate while others have less. If you feel its not worth the exp/time you can always skip it for a higher level quest. If your concerned there is a bug please make an in game ticket for GMT to respond to.
  16. Lol, this server has midrates it's not a funserver. Funservers has rates like instant or 100x.
  17. Why are the drop rates so low for the quest items? I mean I've lost about 30 minutes to find 8 Gortesuk liver for a quest. It's a waste of time to just farm 30 minutes for some quest that doesn't give that much EXP anyways. It's a pain in the neck to find quest items and becomes boring to just grind tons of mobs for a lousy quest. Can you guys put 100% drop rates for quest items?
  18. Thanks !
  19. Good morning, I have a question. Concerning elementals on the outland. Is it normal that they have such a high resistance to elemental shaman attacks? They are resistant to any attack. Because of this, their power is unrealistic at the class of elemental shaman. I do not hide that it is a huge hindrance. At Primali Farm with such a low server population. Where is not going to make money.
  20. Oh just shut up... All they are trying to do is to attract more people to this server bcs in the past weeks population has dropped significally, and you are like: OMG, WTF IM AN OLD PLAYER, WHERE'S MY STUFF?! You know what? They are doing you a favor, unless you are completly fine with playing on a dead server.
  21. It's kinda funny. WarGate was wiped because "fresh start", new players, equal chances. Now old WG players have to play from zero and players from other servers can transfer their characters with eq and also receive some bonusses (a.e. All Alliance characters will receive added bonus: each player 4x Netherweave Bag, fully unlocked personal bank storage spaces - Transferred players will be converted with current level, worn equipment, reputation, professions as viewable from armory or provided screenshots) when old players gets nothing. Does GMT thought about how old players feels in this situation? Players from other servers are treated better than old WG players.
  22. Hi i have problem with joining WG discord, anytime i try it shows "invite expired", tried many links and doesnt work ty for help
  23. Greetings WarGate Community! As GMT helps further consider how to help our community grow, we've considered suggestions from our community members and have decided to now offer Single Character Transfers from other TBC servers! To request a character transfer, please contact directly either HGMs Tirith or Rhaego over DISCORD OR EMAIL ([email protected]) - You must create a new WarGate account and create a level 1 character you will transfer to - You must provide screenshots to confirm your character's equipment, reputations, professions, inventory and gold - If your server has an armory please provide a link to simpify the process - Please contact us once you've created your account and want to provide screenshots to begin the transfer - Guild Transfers are still available - All Alliance characters will receive personal inventory (if provided on screenshot with items list) - All Alliance characters will receive added bonus: each player 4x Netherweave Bag, fully unlocked personal bank storage spaces. - Horde guilds have the option to Transfer over as Alliance and will receive the same Alliance bonus benefits - Transferred players will be converted with current level, worn equipment, reputation, professions as viewable from armory or provided screenshots - Transferred players reputation is limited to Thrallmar, Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tar, & Lower CIty. - No items from bosses that have yet to be killed on WarGate's realm will be transferred over - No Arena Points, Arena Teams/Ratings, Honor points, or HK's will be will be transferred over during the transfer process. We reserve the right to: - modify existing or add new rules at our discretion - refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time We do not transfer characters from instant 70/fun servers! Thanks for playing and your continued support, invite your friends to WarGate today! Regards, WarGate Team
  24. We def need alot of more people or this server is doomed
  25. Nice work , keep it up
  26. Hello there, what do you guys think about single-character transfering from other TBC (maybe even vanilla's 60's) servers? I know it would be a lot of work and time, taking into cosideration that there's plenty things to fix/do by our staff. It's my idea for increasing server population, because of significantly decreased amount of active players. Any thoughts or suggestions concerning this proposal? Regards
  27. Hello. I'm just asking for a simply request to have the arena point reset sync up with the raid resets. Instead of having the arena points given out late Monday night for US players. I have planned to do my arenas after our raid. Except during our raid arena points were given out even though raids didn't even reset and it was still "this week" which is not very 'blizzlike'
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